ManorCare Health Services: for Senior Companions

Assisting hands Home Care provides companion and elderly sitter services for seniors who are receiving care at ManorCare Health Services -Hinsdale. Seniors who have received post-hospital care can get companionship and personal care from our professional caregivers.

ManorCare Health Services -Hinsdale (IL)

After a hospital discharge, ManorCare Health Services in Hinsdale, Illinois offers skilled nursing care to seniors. ManorCare Hinsdale provides the personal care seniors need to heal in a relaxed environment. ManorCare’s therapy and clinical professionals are available to meet the needs of each patient.

ManorCare offers the following services to ease seniors’ return home after hospitalization or surgery:

Skilled nursing: ManorCare’s skilled nurses can provide specialized care for seniors recovering from illness or surgery. US News & World Report has awarded Health Services, Hinsdale, the Best Nursing Homes Award for quality short-term care.

Short term care: The skilled staff can provide short-term care for patients who require skilled care or rehabilitation.

ManorCare provides long-term care for seniors who are unable to live independently.

Rehabilitation: ManorCare provides rehabilitation services for seniors after a procedure to help them regain their full strength.

Assisting hands Home Care partners with ManorCare Health Services – Hinsdale to provide continuing education units (CEUs) for social workers, nurses, and other members of the community. These classes are held at the Health Services Center in Hinsdale (IL). Assisting Hands Home Care is ManorCare’s CE provider. This has been a wonderful professional relationship.

ManorCare Health Services for the Elderly

Elderly Sitters Health Services-Hinsdale Your senior loved ones will receive specialized, skilled nursing care at ManorCare Health Services to help them with their recovery and rehabilitation. Assisting Hands Home Care offers elderly sitting services. This is to assist seniors who are in ManorCare. As your senior loved ones recover, our caregiver will be there to keep them company and make sure they feel comfortable. We will not interfere in the nursing care and will not provide any care beyond what is required by the nurse.

Companion Care

Health Services-Hinsdale Illinois Spending time with ManorCare Health Services can mean that your loved ones are not alone after a hospital stay. Your senior loved ones will be accompanied by our caregivers, who will also provide personal care and companionship during the rehabilitation and recovery process. Our caregivers will get acquainted with your loved ones and engage in friendly conversations. They can also join us in various fun activities, such as reading and playing puzzles.

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