Travel Domain Pathfinder: Rogue Eidolon’s Handbook

Rogue Eidolon’s Handbook for Clerics (Abridged) 

The type of Cleric that you are will determine which Travel domain pathfinder to choose. Healing is very important if you are a Healer. It doesn’t matter if you focus on overall support, malice (debuffs or blasting negative energies), or battle. This will greatly influence which works you choose. This Travel pathfinder Guide was written before the guide to Cleric. I will be rating it for any cleric and making comments about who might find them more helpful. Ratings will be based on the standard Treantmonk color system. I’ll rate each ability and the Travel Domain Pathfinder Spells and then give a final rating for the entire Travel domain pathwayfinder, giving you four ratings instead of one for the Traveldomain pathfinder as an individual package. Why? You should know if your game will not reach 8, or that it won’t make it past 8, the level 1 ability is the most important. The interior ratings can be used to find out why I gave the Travel Pathfinder its final rating. Two important reasons I favor the 1st-level ability for my final rating are: first, Clerics get more powerful at higher levels, regardless of Travel domain, so they could benefit from the assistance at lower levels.

Travel domain pathfinder Air 

There are a few issues with the air Travel domain pathfinder. It is bad. It is also granted by Gozreh. This means that if Gozreh is your worshiper, then the Air Travel domain will be useless. If you worship Shelyn, there are some amazing Travel domain pathsfinders that you could have chosen.

Lightning Arc: These tiny blast attacks are the most dangerous they can offer you in this slot. I have never seen a Cleric take a better action than blasting for a very small amount of damage to one target. It’s not as bad at the lower levels but many of these 1st-level travel domain pathfinder powers are still strong at all levels. It doesn’t.

The only thing worth having is the immunity to electricity. By the time you have it, the game is over. If you don’t have the immunity, cast Resist Energy to get better resistance than any of your 8th-level abilities.

Obscuring mist is a great spell to use when you are facing archers. If they fail to save, Control Winds can be very strong. The Travel domain pathfinder must include non-cleric spells. I may also recommend spells that you will use often, or I might give it a higher rating. Wind Wall can only be granted by Air early. Wind Wall is strong but not essential. Elemental Body and Level 6 Chain Lightning are okay. Whirlwind, Elemental Swarm from the Druid List are okay. However, I doubt you’ll be able to perform the Augment Summoning feat.

Travel domain pathfinder Animal

We’re not expecting much from the animal Travel domain pathfinder. We won’t be disappointed. But seriously, if your goal is to Calm Animals, you should play a Druid. You are a Druid if you have taken the Travel pathfinder. You took the Travel pathfinder because you had an animal companion. To get a Travel domain, you gave up a better companion. Free Knowledge[Nature] – Not very useful, but it’s still something

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