Practical Legal Advice in Podcast

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Practical Legal Advice in Podcast

What do you do if you have a question regarding the law? FindLaw’s professional legal blogs are the best place to start! Apart from blogs, you can often get the best advice from your colleagues — the expert down below, if necessary.

It is those conversations that inspire a podcast called “Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall With Practical Law.” (Disclosure – Thomson Reuters is FindLaw’s parent company. “Down the Hall” attempts to replicate informal expertise sharing — but you don’t have to use a hall or hire your own experts. A pair of headphones and a few minutes will suffice.

Practical Law and Practical Podcasts

“Down the Hall With Practical Law”, which debuted on Wednesday, already has three podcasts “on the radio.” Renee Karibi-Whyte is the host of the podcast. She is a smooth-voiced director in the Legal Know-How Group of Thomson Reuters.

Here’s how the podcast describes themselves:

Google, case law, treatises… What are they all connected to? There is no better way to find answers than by walking down the hall and speaking with experts. Practical Law will host a panel consisting of both in-house and law firm leaders. Practical Law’s editorial staff will also be present. Talks and insights about the latest legal topics. There’s no legalese. Just expertise.

You’ll enjoy talking to an expert down the hall

Each episode has featured Karibi-Whyte talking with experts from Practical Law. Thomson Reuters’ collection contains legal solutions for law offices and in-house legal departments. “Down the Hall,” has so far covered:

  • Hot Topics in Employee Handbooks
  • Understanding the Legal Landscape: Privacy and Data Security
  • Top Legal Mistakes Startups can’t afford to Make

Conversation is the key to “Down the Hall.” These are not lectures or CLEs. They are friendly discussions about important issues for lawyers (and their clients). They’re friendly, informal, and informative. Karibi-Whyte is joined by Joe Green, a venture capitalist and startup expert. The topics covered range from corporate structuring and tax pass through to jokes about tech startup names. If podcasts, talk radio and easy expertise are your interests, “Down the Hall”, is worth checking out.

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