Life Update + Fall Beauty Favourite “PMD Beauty”


Considering we are days from November, you’d think I would be here, at New York… jumping up and down since I am wearing my comfy scarves and PMD Beauty cardigans and boots – nevertheless it is warm, humid and that I am wearing shorts! I came down with a sinus infection and a cold all at once due to this hot/cold/hot/chilly mad weather, ugh! I have been a bit MIA recently around here on top of everything I had going on during the always active month of September, I have been probably the largest creative blessing and unmotivated country in quite a while.

It occurs from time to time, but this period was different. I am finally getting back in the groove and it seems really great, but feeling overwhelmed does not – and it has taken a toll on my skin and my skin care regimen particularly.

Besides my regular cosmetics, I like to change my beauty pattern to coincide with the present season. In the summertime I use lighter lashes and BB/CC lotions and in the colder months I utilise dry skin cleaner and darker eye lining colours, for instance.

I recently began trying out the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm instrument and up to now, I am pretty sure I am in love!For likely near a year now, I have been visiting PMD Beauty as I would scroll through the Sephora/Ulta sites and watch the extraordinary testimonials, but not pulled the trigger.

Microdermabrasion is one of these cosmetic fixes that many have heard of but do not know a lot about – myself included! It essentially is the best exfoliation procedure for skin and leaves skin feeling and looking smooth and glowing.I’m one of those men and women who requests my dermatologist EVERYTHING – and I don’t have any shame about it , ha! I really never had contemplated getting microderm remedies and I think that it’s because I actually did not know a lot about it, and it is among those (few) things I had not inquired the dermatologist around before.

As soon as I received my PMD Beauty in, I inquired about it. She said it is among the very best microderm programs on the market and a decent lord it IS! It is so easy to use and incredibly effective – and I have just been using it for approximately a couple of weeks. It is not supposed to be used daily, so it is pretty incredible how it is working following an issue of 2-3 remedies! As it is intended to exfoliate, employing the PMD Beauty helps eliminate any dead or dull skin tissues (it is not painful at all because it is not a deep-skin sort of remedy – that is one of the usual misconceptions concerning microdermabrasion!) . PMD also has patented Spinning Discs, made out of aluminium oxide crystals that generate the exfoliation procedure.

It is so cool how it really works, particularly once you see it occurring after every therapy! This sort of exfoliation enables for healthy cell development, resulting in healthy skin and less of an issue from the future.In about a month, I will discuss a few before and afters of my skin – it begins to get dry this time of year out of the weather changes so that it’s the ideal time to be trying out this! The best part I have heard about the PMD is the fact that it may be utilised in your own arms, legs – some portion of your body which you need smoother – you are not confined to using it on your face. It has been my best beauty tool this year and I know I will use it year round too! I am so eager to discuss how it goes, so try to find the results . 🙂

It feels really great to be getting back to the zone and searching for inspiration for websites and societal places, interacting and media again and again gearing up toward the vacations – eek! It is becoming so close and after having a much needed social networking break, I am ready for this! I have been fortunate enough to have clean skin but when I am worried my skin requires a hit. The PMD Beauty has become a severe lifesaver – I really like getting at-home remedies similar to this! If you have tried it, I would really like to hear how you like it or if you have done microderm remedies I would really like to hear those too!