Omaha Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

    Your criminal defense lawyer needs to be Fearless to safeguard your rights when you’re facing drug charges. Within the course of over 15 years as a criminal defense lawyer, Thomas M. Petersen has discovered to be afraid of nobody.

    Tough Omaha, Nebraska Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

    With expertise gained through symbolizing more Than 6,000 customers, often at trial, Tom knows how to represent clients in every kind of criminal defense situation possible, which range from improper charging practices to murder cases. This expertise includes his work with countless clients facing drug charges, such as fees associated with:


    Delivery and ownership






    And much more

    When rates of drug crimes are involved and Your rights are at stake, experience counts. Tom’s extensive work in criminal defense law implies he knows both federal and state court clinics. Because of this, he will help his customers understand these vital differences significantly influence their medication cases.

    Tom’s High Degree of service to customers who want Protection against drug fees stems in part from his involvement as a member at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the leading legal fraternity on criminal defense. This company offers defense attorneys with a few of the most innovative tools in the legal area, resources Tom pulls on to offer his customers with the newest improvements in regulations.

    Drug Arrest? Your Conclusion Today Can Influence Your Future.

    We encourage customers confronting drug-related Criminal charges to contact us as soon as you can. We help them prevent the offender charges assembled against them at the first phases when law enforcement claims to be attempting to assist them. Tom will safeguard you against these ancient authorities interviews and the consequent admissions which frequently turn into the prosecution’s strongest proof afterwards.

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