Legal help available at a reasonable price or for free

Business Law

You might be eligible for free or reduced-cost legal assistance if you are unable to afford it.

You might get:

Legal aid for serious problems

Free, low-cost or fixed-fee legal advice from lawyers or advice charities

Free legal assistance from your trade union, or another membership organization

Legal advice regarding insurance policies

Help paying court fees – Read about how GOV.UK can help you pay your court fees

You can access free legal advice online if you have been arrested or are going to be interrogated at a station. It doesn’t matter how much you earn.

Legal aid

Legal aid may be available if your case is severe and you cannot afford to pay the legal costs.

Legal aid might be available if you are:

You or your children could be at risk from forced marriage or domestic violence

You’ll be homeless

Family mediation is necessary

you’re being discriminated against

You are taking a case to court pursuant to the Human Rights Act

You’ve been charged with a crime, and you could be sent to prison

There are two types of legal assistance: civil and criminal.

Get free assistance

You might be eligible for legal aid from a charity or volunteer lawyer if you are unable to pay for your own barrister or solicitor.

Ask your local Citizens Advice

You might find the nearest Citizens Advice able to assist you with:




Employment rights


Health or social care

Housing and homelessness

Asylum and immigration

To find out if Citizens Advice can help you, contact them.

Help with a consumer issue

Citizens Advice can be reached at 1-800-467-4465 if you have a problem with a consumer.

Locate a law center

A solicitor or a trained legal advisor might be able to offer advice at a centre. The following services are offered by law centres:


Community care





Housing and homelessness

Asylum and immigration

The Law Centres Network website allows you to find the nearest law center.

LawWorks can be reached at

The LawWorks website allows you to search for free legal advice clinics. It also contains information about other organizations that may be of assistance.

Advocate is here to help

Advocate can help you get a volunteer lawyer to represent you if your case goes to court. Advocate can help you check if it might be able to assist you.

Funding for exceptional cases

There are a few chances that you may be eligible for ‘exceptional funding’ if you don’t qualify for legal aid.