Kassandra Rivera

Kassandra Rivera works as a Senior Associate in the firm’s Commercial Real Estate and Notarial Practice and Corporate Practice Groups. Kassandra was a Ferraiuoli Summer Program participant in 2013 and 2014. She also continued her work as a law clerk with the firm.

Kassandra was a law clerk and assisted lawyers, mostly within lyle trachtenberg the Corporate Practice Group, in a variety of tasks and assignments, including general corporate matters, real estate transactions and tax exemption applications. She also reviewed, drafted and negotiated agreements and did in-depth research. Kassandra assisted with the organization and maintenance of limited liability companies and other entities with the Puerto Rico Department of State.

Kassandra was a student lawyer in the Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Legal Assistance Clinic at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law.

Kassandra Rivera’s main areas of practice are commercial lending, secured transactions and workout negotiations. She also has experience in construction loans, mergers, acquisitions, and real estate.

Why Ferraiuoli Kassandra Rivera?

Ferraiuoli is now one of the most prominent law firms in Puerto Rico. The firm’s exceptional team of lawyers and expertise in complex areas of law are just a few of the many qualities that have made it a leader in Puerto Rico, engaging both local clients and foreigners. Ferraiuoli offered me the opportunity to participate in their Summer Associate Program, and then I worked here as a law student. I was able to work alongside a group of highly skilled, dedicated, and driven professionals who have taught me a lot of what I know today. I also learned about the importance of teamwork, and how each member of the team can contribute to a successful outcome. Ferraiuoli was a wonderful learning opportunity that I had during law school. It was a crucial part of my legal education as well as my professional development.

Why do clients choose you over others?

We consider our clients our top priority. Our main focus is to address their needs as quickly and effectively as possible. One of the things our clients love most about us is not only that we offer legal advice but also that we think like businesspeople. We offer alternatives to our clients to help them protect their interests and provide a business-oriented approach to complex problems.

Which are you most satisfied with?

Working in a team to resolve complex legal issues and transactions is one of the best parts of my job. Every member of the team brings a different perspective and input, which results in successful outcomes for our clients.

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