Internet Crimes Attorney

Innocent until proven guilty. Our company’s Lawyer, Thomas M. Petersen, has dedicated his entire career to protecting that basic American right. Now, this principle appears under assault especially in the field of online cyber crimes. Electronic data and overzealous news reporting just chip away at this foundational principle within our nation.

When managing an Online criminal defense Things, Tom applies the exact same competitive approach he applies in all his criminal defense representations. He works to restrict the harm before it starts, working diligently to battle against such fees instantly, working hard to attract injunctions to block the destructive behavior of others immediately whenever possible.

Experienced Omaha Area Internet Crimes Lawyer

Within the course of over 15 Decades, 6,000 Instances and numerous trials across the Omaha, Nebraska, place, customers have relied on Tom’s legal decision concerning the best approach for their legal issues. He protects our clients’ rights in Many of Internet-related criminal issues, such as:

Credit card fraud

Identity theft

Computer viruses

Internet solicitation of a little

Child porn

And much more

We explore your situation for ourselves. This Investigation begins the very first time you meet us to your free initial consultation. Our staff works with you so that we know all of the details of your situation and can supply you with prompt feedback regarding your rights, the legal alternatives available to you and options Tom advocates.

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